Server Installation and Its Mentainance:

Without a second thought servers are the heart beat and core of every network. Whether it be your Internal Networked Server or a Web Server. Our server maintenance and management services are designed to keep your server (s) up and running 24 X 7 and ensure that the servers are always delivering expected performance to your network users.

Our server maintenance and management services comprise of:

Performing Security Checks and Updates
Checking server log files
Applying necessary service and software updates
Checking hard disk drive for space or any corruption
Checking core file and folder permission
Checking complete security
Checking application functionality
Checking redundancy
Recommending necessary software and hardware upgrades
Check backups.
Update kernel to the latest release
Update security patches
Thorough security audit
Applying Security Policies
Installation and configuration of firewall
Investigating hacking attempts
Restoring files from backup
Anti-spam configuration
Anti-virus configuration

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